While You Were Sleeping Season 6, Episode 22 - Aired April 29, 2015

While You Were Sleeping

Frankie and Mike attempt to have a romantic date night at home by renting a movie. But every time they turn it on, they end up falling asleep and try desperately to get through the film over a series of nights. Meanwhile, Axl teams up with Brick to invent the next big thing, and the Heck Brothers Old-Timey Barbecue Sauce is born; and Sue is floored when she's asked to her senior prom by a hunky mall store greeter. But she has to figure out a way to get out of work early in order to attend.

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Guest Stars: Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue, David Hull as Logan, Jimmy Bellinger as Edwin, Carlease Burke as Professor Lynch, Chip Chinery as Clark, Barbara Perry as Sandra, Liam Cronin as Doug, Timothy E. Goodwin as Dalton, Jeremy Cohenour as Tommy, Susan Grace as Female Customer

Writers: Roy Brown

Director: Blake T. Evans

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