Guest Star: Terrence Beasor

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  • Signals

    Season 1, Episode 23 - Signals
    Aired May 12 2010

    With the Heck's annual summer barbecue approaching, Frankie points out that Mike's social ineptness has been passed on to Brick. Meanwhile, Sue becomes infatuated with the new pastor in charge of her youth group.

    Appeared as Old Man

  • Halloween

    Season 2, Episode 6 - Halloween
    Aired October 27 2010

    Frankie is excited over being invited to an adult neighborhood Halloween party. But will she be able to get Mike to dress up in a costume, or will he have his own idea of fun? Meanwhile, a melancholy Sue's spirits are lifted when she discovers that Reverend TimTom is back in town and hosting a Halloween church event; things don't go quite as planned for Axl, his friends or their dates as they head out to an exclusive haunted house party; and Brick chooses a unique Halloween costume that is not easily defined.

    Appeared as Mr. Johnson

  • The Middle

    Season 3, Episode 24 - The Wedding
    Aired May 23 2012

    Frankie and Mike are surprised to receive an invitation to Mike's brother Rusty's (Norm Macdonald) fast approaching wedding. But their surprise turns to panic when they discover that he has listed the Heck house as the site of the ceremony. Meanwhile, Axl and his friends decide to become their own bosses and set out to form their own company to garner summer jobs, and Brick is upset with Mike when he finally accepts an invitation to a fellow student's party but is not allowed to go because it falls on the same day as the wedding.

    Appeared as Mr. Johnson

  • New Year's Revelations

    Season 9, Episode 11 - New Year's Revelations
    Aired January 2 2018

    As New Year's Eve approaches, Sue admits to Frankie that she likes Sean Donahue and that she kissed him at the Christmas party. But she's still trying to figure out if her kiss with Sean was a fluke or if it actually meant that he likes her. Meanwhile, Mike forces Axl and Brick to take a drive with him and Mike's dad, Big Mike, and they are shocked to discover what is planned when they reach their final destination.

    Appeared as Mr. Johnson

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