The Setup Season 9, Episode 6 - Aired November 7, 2017

The Setup

Frankie is tasked with being at her mom Pat's beck and call when she has to stay for a few days at the Heck house after coming down with an ailment. Meanwhile, just when it looks like Sean is about to ask Sue out on a date, Sue nervously blurts out that maybe they should both try to set each other up on a date with one of their friends; and Axl and Brick ponder what it is exactly that Mike does at the quarry.

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Guest Stars: Marsha Mason as Pat Spence, Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue, Brock Ciarlelli as Brad Bottig, Ami Park as Tessa, Eve Brenner as Mrs. Perkins, Jackson White as Aidan, Daniela Bobadilla as Lexie Brooks, Hudson Cordero as Young Axl

Writers: Tim Hobert

Director: Victor Nelli

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ABC Announces Episode 9.06 October 23 2017

ABC has issued the press release for the November 7 episode of The Middle, "The Setup". Marsha Mason returns as Frankie's mom, Pat.  Full story