The Lanai Season 7, Episode 21 - Aired April 27, 2016

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Frankie is excited to lay out and relax on her new backyard lanai - aka patio - that Mike and his workmates built for her. But peace and serenity become hard to come by when new neighbors, with three screaming kids, move in next door and make it next to impossible for Frankie to find some quiet time. Meanwhile, Brick questions Mike as to whether his workmates helped build the lanai because they are his friends, or because he's their boss; Sue and Lexie draw a winning number in the dorm lottery and score the perfect room but find it difficult to kick out its current occupants; and Axl and Hutch open up a grilled cheese food truck out of their Winnebago, with a reluctant Kenny as their chef.

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Guest Stars: Alphonso McAuley as Hutch, Daniela Bobadilla as Lexie, Malcolm Foster-Smith as Dave, Troy Metcalf as Jim, Emily Rutherfurd as Diedre Peterson, B.K. Cannon as Heather, Jacqueline Labadie as Amber, Elizabeth Labardie as Samantha, Tommy Bechtold as Kenny, Cosima Cabrera as Girl #1, Sandra Kate Burck as Girl #2, Alex Poncio as Student, Reagan Rundus as Lacey, Beau Hart as Riley, O'Neill Monahan as Lucas

Writers: Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter

Director: Blake T. Evans

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