A Very Donahue Vacation Season 7, Episode 18 - Aired March 23, 2016

A Very Donahue Vacation

After making some extra money from the diaper business, Mike surprises a rather unenthusiastic Heck family with a spring break vacation at Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. In the hopes of livening up what is perceived to be a lame vacation, Frankie suggests that the Donahues join them. While Mike visits all of the attractions on his own, Nancy asks a not-so-thrilled Frankie to speak with Sean to try and talk him into taking his MCATs; Axl enlists Brick to help him pick up women by playing "Jerk/No Jerk" - with Brick in the role of the "Jerk"; and Mike is anything but excited when an exuberant Sue reveals some news to him about her upcoming summer plans.

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Guest Stars: Jen Ray as Nancy Donahue, Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue, Sean O'Bryan as Ron Donahue, Brock Ciarlelli as Brad Bottig, Laura Ann Kesling as Dotty Donahue, Kayla Madison as Shelly Donahue, Paige Diaz as Sarah, Leigh Nieves as Jessica, Sigrid Owen as Zoe

Writers: Rich Dahm

Director: Jaffar Mahmood

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