Operation Infiltration Season 6, Episode 18 - Aired April 1, 2015

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Frankie accompanies Brick on a school field trip and attempts to help her socially inept son make friends with a couple of boys. Meanwhile, when Devin scolds Axl for being mean to his sister, he tries to make it look like they are the best of friends when Sue spends the weekend at his house; and while trying to thin out some of their hoarding father's massive stockpile of junk, Mike gets a sinking feeling that he may have bullied his brother Rusty a bit too much as kids and turned him into the hapless man that he is today.

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Guest Stars: Norm Macdonald as Rusty, Dave Foley as Dr. Fulton, John Gammon as Darrin, Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue, Gia Mantegna as Devin Levin, Irene White as Joyce, Tommy Bechtold as Kenny, Samuel Gilbert as Parker, Marypat Farrell as Mom, Skyler James as Dante

Writers: Ilana Wernick

Director: Melissa Kosar

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ABC Announces Episode 6.18 March 16 2015

ABC has put out the press release for the April 1 episode of The Middle, "Operation Infiltration". Norm Macdonald guest stars as Rusty, Mike's brother.  Full story