Thanksgiving III Season 3, Episode 10 - Aired November 23, 2011

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Frankie's parents, Pat (Marsha Mason) and Tag (Jerry Van Dyke), invite the Hecks to spend a few days at their house to celebrate Thanksgiving together. But the festivities begin to fall apart quickly when Frankie's sister, Janet (Molly Shannon), and her family also join in, and soon the siblings are at each other's throats over their widely differing parenting techniques. Meanwhile, Mike tries to offer some advice to Axl on how to pick up girls when he witnesses his son trying to impress a pretty mini-mart cashier - and fails miserably; Brick attempts to prove his innocence when he is accused by Janet of damaging her daughter's expensive toy; and Sue is stoked when Frankie, Pat and Janet invite her to take part in their gossip sessions.

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Guest Stars: Marsha Mason as Pat Spence, Jerry Van Dyke as Tag Spence, Molly Shannon as Janet, Marlowe Peyton as Lucy, Gabrielle Christian as Cashier

Writers: Tim Hobert

Director: Elliot Hegarty

Viewers: 9.08 million Adults 18-49 Rating: 2.5/8

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ABC has announced a Thanksgiving-themed episode of The Middle will air Wednesday, November 23rd. Marsha Mason and Jerry Van Dyke reprise their roles as Frankie's parents, Pat and Tag. Molly Shannon (Saturday Night Live) guest stars as Frankie's previously unseen, but often mentioned, sister Janet.  Full story