The Cheerleader Season 1, Episode 2 - Aired October 7, 2009

The Cheerleader

As the Heck's drier breaks down, they're swamped with payments that weren't due until 2009. In a bid to save her job, Frankie organises a publicity stunt at work. Meanwhile, Sue fails to make the Swim Team and Brick is unable to get new books from the library.

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Guest Stars: Peter Breitmayer as Pete, Laura Heisler as Librarian, Charles C. Stevenson as Old Hoosier, Julianne Buescher as Female Customer, Maurice G. Smith as Neighbour #1, Garrett Ryan as Boy in Library, Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Ehlert

Writers: DeAnn Heline, Eileen Heisler

Director: Lee Shallat Chemel