Guest Star: Nick Shafer

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  • Friends, Lies and Videotape

    Friends, Lies and Videotape
    Season 2, Episode 15 - Aired February 16 2011

    Fearing that a friendless Brick could be missing out on his childhood, Frankie makes it her mission to find a suitable friend for him. Meanwhile, after Mike forbids Sue from seeing an R-rated film, she goes against her father's wishes and sneaks into a movie theater with her friend, Carly; and Axl and his band need a hot chick to appear in their online music video and try to shoot footage of their sexy biology teacher, Ms. Devereaux (Kristin Cavallari, "The Hills")
    - without her knowledge or consent.

    Appeared as Arlo

  • Mother's Day II

    Mother's Day II
    Season 2, Episode 21 - Aired May 4 2011

    Mike and the kids present Frankie with the perfect Mother's Day gift - a day to herself. But when her day off goes awry, Mike offers a do-over with the family, which comes with its own set of glitches.

    Appeared as Arlo

  • The Prom

    The Prom
    Season 2, Episode 22 - Aired May 11 2011

    After learning that Axl text-invited the wrong girl to prom and plans to solve the situation by standing her up, Frankie and Mike demand that he meet the girl face-to-face in a timely manner to gently break off the date - or face the music and take her to the big event. Meanwhile, Sue and her friend, Carly, try in earnest to fit in with the school's "B" crowd during lunch, and after a successful first show, Brick begins to bore Frankie and Mike with his impromptu one-man plays.

    Appeared as Arlo

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