Guest Star: Nick Alvarez

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  • Cutting the Cord

    Cutting the Cord
    Season 7, Episode 2 - Aired September 30 2015

    Nervous about starting college and disappointed that her dorm roommate has not arrived yet, Sue begins to drive Frankie and Mike crazy with her multiple texts and calls at all hours. But when her dorm roommate finally arrives, Sue naively thinks that all of her worries are going to go away and that she'll make a new life-long friend. Meanwhile, Axl and Hutch find their house being overrun by ants, and Brick finds himself being protected by his own mysterious school bodyguard.

    Appeared as Head Bully

  • The Middle

    Find My Hecks
    Season 7, Episode 23 - Aired May 11 2016

    Now that summer vacation has begun for Sue and Axl, and they are both back at home, Frankie and Mike attempt to set a curfew for them after they end up coming home from a party at 2 a.m. But after arguing that they don't have a curfew while away at college and won't abide by the rule, Frankie comes up with an idea that will clandestinely let her know where both of them are at all times.  Meanwhile, as middle school graduation nears, Brick desperately tries to discover who he's up against for class valedictorian.

    Appeared as Head Bully

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