Guest Star: Kurt Scholler

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  • The Middle

    One Kid at a Time
    Season 4, Episode 12 - Aired January 16 2013

    Feeling guilty over not being able to spend enough quality time with each of their kids, Frankie and Mike decide to dedicate each day of a three-day weekend to one of their offspring. Unexpected revelations emerge when Axl takes them to a paintball range, Sue talks them into an exhausting itinerary consisting of 17 separate activities, and Brick tries to bring them to a "Planet Nowhere" sci-fi book convention.

    Appeared as Father

  • The Middle

    The Smell
    Season 5, Episode 18 - Aired April 2 2014

    After being goaded by his friend Bill Norwood into taking an assistant coaching position on the girls soccer team that Sue is now a member of, Bill has to back out of his duties due to work, and Mike becomes the new head coach but discovers that the girls care more about their various personal issues then the game itself. Meanwhile, after discovering that a mysteriously hideous smell in the house is emanating from Brick, Frankie must attempt to introduce her pungent son to better hygiene, and Axl is completely perplexed by a picture Cassidy painted for him as to whether it means they are still together as a couple or broken up.

    Appeared as Haley's dad

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