Guest Star: Josh Cooke

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  • Birds of a Feather

    Birds of a Feather
    Season 7, Episode 12 - Aired January 13 2016

    Axl has big plans for his first day as a business intern at Little Betty. But his dreams of coming up with new ideas for the snack-making company go out the window when he's reduced to doing menial tasks for an ungrateful boss. Meanwhile, while having to listen to Frankie complain about how much she hates working for the new dental-office owners, Smile Superstars International, Cindy informs Mike that she has kissed another boy and that he has to break the news to Brick; and Sue's professor challenges her to stop seeing the world through rose-colored glasses and really open up and hone in on her critical thinking for a writing assignment.

    Appeared as Professor Grant

  • Crushed

    Season 7, Episode 19 - Aired April 6 2016

    Sue develops a huge crush on one of her college professors and goes to extremes to get him to notice her, and Frankie and Mike agree to meet Brick's girlfriend Cindy's parents, who end up being just as quirky as their daughter.

    Appeared as Professor Grant

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