TV or Not TV Season 1, Episode 20 - Aired April 14, 2010

TV or Not TV

When the Hecks are advised to cut out cable TV, Mike and Frankie struggle to find new activities, while the kids quickly find new things to do.

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Guest Stars: Michael Kostroff as Steve, Jeanette Miller as Aunt Edie, Frances Bay as Aunt Ginny, Beau Wirick as Sean, John Gammon as Darrin, Will Matthews as Mr. Seifried, Dierk Torsek as Reverend, Andrew J. Fishman as Zack, Mason Cook as Corey, Devan Leos as Henry, Parker Contreras as Eric, Piper Mackenzie Harris as Rayna, Aramis Knight as Mitch

Writers: Vijal Patel

Director: Lee Shallat Chemel