Episode Tournament: Winner

'A Very Marry Christmas' - Season 8, Episode 9
Aired December 13, 2016.

As Christmas approaches, Sue keeps a holiday secret from the family; after agreeing to watch the neighbor’s three kids, Brick finds himself trying to hide from them as they had such a good time that they keep wanting to come over and play; and Mike doesn't know how to react when Bill Norwood gives him a Christmas gift for the first time ever.

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Winner's Voting Results

Round Opponent Winner's Votes Winner's Share
1 Pilot 11 64.71%
2 The Christmas Miracle 8 61.54%
3 A Heck of a Ride: Part Two 4 50%
4 Taking Back the House 8 57.14%
The winner received 31 votes in total; 7.13% of all the votes

Tournament Statistics

Round Votes Winner's Round Share
Nominations Round 60 2.38%
Knock-out Round 1 137 8.03%
Knock-out Round 2 54 14.81%
Knock-out Round 3 20 20.00%
Knock-out Round 4 14 57.14%
435 votes cast in this tournament