ABC renews The Middle

ABC renews The Middle

ABC renewed six comedies today including The Middle. The show will return this fall for its seventh season.

Other shows renewed include all of The Middle's Wednesday night compatriots: The Goldbergs, Modern Family and black-ish. Tuesday night sitcom Fresh Off the Boat and musical comedy Galavant were also renewed.

Posted on 7 May 2015 22:36.

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kristine United States, 01:00 Aug 18 2015.
I love this show. I love the episode the worrier.....the graduation and homecoming. I have a 15 yr old and can relate. Its awesome. Don't want this show to ever end.
Gail United Kingdom, 06:14 Aug 15 2015.
Awsome..luv it
Nathalie France, 16:07 Jul 26 2015.
I love so much this show. Only seen the two first seasons !!!!
doperganger United States, 22:04 Jun 15 2015.
I never watched the show but discovered in in reruns. Now I'm hooked. Love the Prom and Graduation show. Mainly because Sue is the character to root for all the time. Wanting the best for her always. Funny show and yes as someone said; some of the situations are so true to life. I like that the show is messy and not perfect.
Drinka United States, 22:55 Jun 5 2015.
Cried for the prom and graduation episodes I love Sue so happy to see her get these great endings
Kim Canada, 23:13 Jun 4 2015.
I LOVE this show! It is so close to reality at times its frightening! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
Danitza  Venezuela, 12:48 May 24 2015.
I love Su, And I love this Show! Never stop pleaseeeeee!!
Caro United States, 18:33 May 15 2015.
I love the middle so much
Marlena United States, 15:39 May 15 2015.
I too cried my eyes out over The Graduate. It was easily my most favorite episode of this fantastic show even over the Orlando one. I hope Charlie MacDermott doesn't leave he's really a huge part of why I love this show.
Wayne Garrett United States, 15:32 May 15 2015.
Will Axel beon the show in season 7

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