ABC renews The Middle for fifth season

ABC renews The Middle for fifth season

ABC has renewed The Middle for a fifth season, according to various media reports. The network has not officially confirmed the renewal, though the news does not come as a surprise.

Though the show has often seemed to miss the attention of critics, The Middle has garnered solid ratings as the lead-in to the network's popular Wednesday night two-hour comedy block.

Joining The Middle in being renewed the show's Wednesday night stablemates, The Neighbours, Suburgatory and Modern Family. ABC has also reportedly renewed Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Castle, Nashville and Friday night sitcom Last Man Standing.

Posted on 11 May 2013 11:34.

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marie kirwan Ireland, 15:34 Sep 4 2013.
The middle is the best programme on t.v. Brilliantly funny. Makes a change from all the "Perfect family" tv. I'm torn between axle and sue as my favourite character...It's the only tv we all watch together!!! Please let there be a series 5!!
Otto United Kingdom, 16:33 Sep 1 2013.
This is the best programme I have ever watched in my entire life! I love all the characters in many different ways,so please make a season 5 I'm begging you!!!!!!!
Letícia Brazil, 18:18 Aug 23 2013.
I REALLY love 'The middle' it's just the Tv show which I like the most *-* I can't wait to watch the season 5, I really need it hahahah They must confirm the fifth season as soon as possible! 'The middle' has to be renewed.
Keri United Kingdom, 03:43 Aug 5 2013.
I sit and watch this with my 2 kids,it is an absolutely fantastic show!Its funny and heart warming all rolled into one!I can totally relate to Frankie with having kids myself,i feel like just giving her a hug and saying "yep i know exactly how you feel",lol!Mike is great too,i love how he is just so oblivious to the obtuse comments he makes,so funny!I really hope they keep this going for a long time,it would be great to see Frankie and Mike being grandparents some day!
Christy United States, 00:23 Aug 1 2013.
The Middle is the best family show on television. I have never laughed out loud so much in my entire life as when I watch the show. ABC should be ashamed for not advertising as much. No one has heard of it because they tout Modern Family (bad child actors)instead of the great cast of The Middle. Now, those kids are great actors and improving with every episode.
yusu United Kingdom, 05:28 Jul 25 2013.
look me and my fam always sit down and watch this we have season 1 / 2 and seson 3 is an import from america we are fan's . so all the fans of the middle we need a season 5 right now :)
james Thailand, 05:30 Jul 11 2013.
i love the middle so much more anything can't wait next season i have to died if can't watch seasons 5 OMG love u.
Nithya India, 03:32 Jul 10 2013.
I have never love any sitcom as much s i love The Middle. Absolutely funny and kind of relates to you in a strange sense.
Lizzie United Kingdom, 08:45 Jul 5 2013.
Cant wait for the next series, it's a brilliant show and laugh out loud funny
Clary United Kingdom, 14:37 Jul 3 2013.
So happy there is going to be a fifth season of The Middle!

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