Which character would you want in an emergency?

  • Frankie
  • Mike
  • Axl
  • Sue
  • Brick
  • Frankie (5,576 votes /60%)
  • Mike (998 votes /10.7%)
  • Axl (334 votes /3.6%)
  • Sue (298 votes /3.2%)
  • Brick (2,090 votes /22.5%)
  • 9,296 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Sue US US 10:12 Oct 17 2017
Mike US Des Moines, US 22:43 Oct 16 2017
Mike GB Birmingham, GB 20:41 Oct 14 2017
Axl US Bedford, US 19:40 Oct 14 2017
Mike US Hemet, US 17:38 Oct 12 2017

Comments (7)

Emily Maria buck United States, 04:42 Jan 14 2016.
I love you show I think it the best show to watch on tv and all your kids could watch the show the middle
Cindy United States, 20:00 Sep 24 2015.
The middle rocks!
Robin United States, 20:03 Feb 26 2015.
I love this show so much! It's a nice family show that I look forward to every week. When I watch episodes for the second time, I pick up irony that I haven't noticed before. The actors are talented and the writers are clever. It will always be my favorite show!
darlyse watson  United States, 22:08 Dec 25 2014.
My family and I practically watch the middle every day we watch when we eat dinner at breakfast lunch in fact we were just watching it an hour ago now we are watching Harry potter the goblins of fire.
Lana South Africa, 07:57 Oct 15 2014.
This show is better than Modern Family. The middle deserves to win an Emmy.
Pat D United States, 10:31 Jul 29 2014.
This is the best show that has ever been on TV! The writing is fantastic - The writers have to be parents - only parents could come up with this stuff!. All the characters are amazing - such great performances! We sit and watch as a family and laugh and laugh! I hope it is continued year after year! We all love it! Thank you!!
Bella  United States, 01:28 Feb 18 2014.
I absolutely love this show. It always makes me laugh!!

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