Who is your favorite cast member?

  • Patricia Heaton
  • Neil Flynn
  • Charlie McDermott
  • Eden Sher
  • Atticus Shaffer
  • Patricia Heaton (2,351 votes /38.7%)
  • Neil Flynn (202 votes /3.3%)
  • Charlie McDermott (516 votes /8.5%)
  • Eden Sher (653 votes /10.8%)
  • Atticus Shaffer (2,350 votes /38.7%)
  • 6,072 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Neil Flynn US Avon, US 14 hours ago
Patricia Heaton US Latrobe, US 15 hours ago
Charlie McDermott US Des Moines, US 22:41 Oct 16 2017
Charlie McDermott NL Eindhoven, NL 03:56 Oct 14 2017
Eden Sher GB Cardiff, GB 17:36 Oct 12 2017

Comments (2)

Chris hardy Ireland, 19:36 Mar 26 2016.
I absolutely love The Middle! It is by far the best Comedy show on TV. Love all the characters especially Frankie & Axle. Hope the show just keeps on going season after season.
Laurie United States, 10:15 Dec 10 2015.
I think Patricia Heaton is a wonderful actress and I follow her in all her roles on TV and Movies, but I have to say , I find the episodes with Charlie McDermott are the funniest and most light hearted. He is the glue that holds the sitcom together!

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