Who is your favorite character?

  • Frankie
  • Mike
  • Axl
  • Sue
  • Brick
  • Frankie (8,703 votes /72.4%)
  • Mike (141 votes /1.2%)
  • Axl (500 votes /4.2%)
  • Sue (526 votes /4.4%)
  • Brick (2,146 votes /17.9%)
  • 12,016 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Brick US Wilmington, US 16 hours ago
Frankie US Madison, US 13:52 May 27 2015
Axl FR FR 06:38 May 26 2015
Axl US Bellefonte, US 02:04 May 26 2015
Frankie US US 22:02 May 25 2015

Comments (6)

JennyPie United States, 15:43 May 11 2015.
It is so hard to pick one! I love all the characters for different reasons! The actors are GREAT at the roles they play! I also really like the additional characters and guest stars!
kathy United States, 19:52 Mar 21 2015.
just like my family Keep us always laughing.
Ann  United States, 19:53 Feb 26 2015.
All the characters are so great- they are ALL relatable, once you get to know them! It seems so easy to pick a favorite at first, then you realize that there's something you love about each of them!
Steve Canada, 18:38 Feb 21 2015.
All the characters are really likeable including the ancillary characters (Reverend TimTom, Brad, Mrs Donahue, Rusty, etc.). The 1% vote that Mike has doesn't mean he's not well liked.
texasgirl United States, 13:03 Jan 27 2015.
I just love The Middle-hard to choose a favorite character as they are all excellent actors. I have the DVD,s & watch on TV as well.
Athishay Simon  India, 09:07 Aug 18 2014.
I love the middle. Infact my whole family does. Our dinner seems incomplete without the heck! Love it!

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