Who is your favorite character?

  • Frankie
  • Mike
  • Axl
  • Sue
  • Brick
  • Frankie (8,827 votes /68.9%)
  • Mike (212 votes /1.7%)
  • Axl (705 votes /5.5%)
  • Sue (798 votes /6.2%)
  • Brick (2,277 votes /17.8%)
  • 12,819 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Brick US Hudson, US 12 hours ago
Sue GB Wigan, GB 05:20 Aug 27 2016
Sue US Waldorf, US 22:25 Aug 26 2016
Sue US Sioux Falls, US 10:57 Aug 25 2016
Sue US Hawthorne, US 23:50 Aug 24 2016

Comments (19)

Charlie United States, 18:30 Aug 10 2016.
Just a reminder. The middle is on loser nite for its ( last ) season. Cant wait for Patricia heaton to get a new show!!!
Robert United States, 11:02 May 23 2016.
I see the middle will be on Tuesdays next season. With that lousey cast cant compete on Wednesday anymore. Ratings still falling. Patricia Heaton needs a New show !!
John United States, 16:19 May 12 2016.
The "find my hecks" episode is the Lowest rated episode of the season! Looks like it's time for Patricia Heaton to get away from that cast! The writer's stink also.
Al United States, 11:21 May 5 2016.
Well, I see the middles ratings are still falling ! Time for Patricia heaton to move on.... she cant do it all !
Dale United States, 05:40 Apr 30 2016.
Maybe Patricia heaton should quit worrying about her cooking show and stat worrying about these lousy episodes lately !!
Bill United States, 12:10 Apr 28 2016.
The 7th season ratings are Falling. I guess the viewer's are growing tired of that stinking cast ! Exept for that hot mom Patricia heaton.
Reggie United States, 08:12 Apr 27 2016.
Time for Patricia heaton to move on! She has to be tired of carrying that show ! Her tv cast is terrible! Give her another show!!
Dave United States, 21:26 Apr 25 2016.
Patricia heaton is so Hot!!
Chad United States, 15:19 Apr 17 2016.
Where did they come up with sue axl brick and mike ? Patricia heaton would be better off by herself!
Chuck United States, 12:25 Apr 17 2016.
Patricia heaton is hot! The rest of the cast should quit

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