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ABC Announces Episode 8.13 January 30 2017

ABC Announces Episode 8.13

ABC has released the synopsis for the next episode of The Middle, "Ovary and Out".

Ovary and Out – Frankie becomes sad when her doctor informs her that her ovaries are shriveled up, which means her days of having kids are over. In an attempt to cheer her up, Mike offers to have him and Frankie babysit the neighbor’s baby overnight, which puts some perspective on being an older parent. Meanwhile, Sue and Axl are a bit shocked when romantic sparks fly between Sean Donahue and Sue’s roommate Lexie; and Brick tries his best to hone up on his font knowledge when he meets Gibson, a worthy font opponent, on “The Middle,” TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.

Episode: Ovary and Out. Tags: episodes, Season 8.

ABC renews The Middle for a ninth season January 25 2017

ABC renews The Middle for a ninth season

ABC has today given an early renewal to The Middle, ordering a ninth season of the show for the 2017/18 season.

This is the earliest renewal ABC has handed to The Middle since back in 2011, when the show received an early pick-up for its third season.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros., the studio behind The Middle, has already signed the entire cast on a one-year contract.

ABC is reportedly still in discussions to renew ABC's top-rated sitcom, Modern Family, whose cast contracts are up this year.

ABC Announces Episode 8.12 January 5 2017

ABC Announces Episode 8.12

ABC has released the synopsis for the January 17 episode of The Middle, "Pitch Imperfect".

Pitch Imperfect – Axl begins to panic when he realizes that he only has four months of college left before he graduates, and he hasn’t sent out any job resumes – something he should have started when he was a junior. Meanwhile, Brad agrees to lead Sue’s no-cut a cappella group as they enter a music competition, and Brick desperately asks for Frankie and Mike’s advice when girlfriend Cindy tells him that he reads too much, and if he doesn’t stop, she’ll break up with him, on “The Middle,” TUESDAY, JANUARY 17 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.


Episode: Pitch Imperfect. Tags: episodes.

ABC Announces Episode 8.11 January 4 2017

ABC Announces Episode 8.11

ABC has released the synopsis for the January 10 episode of The Middle, "Hoosier Maid". Norm Macdonald and John Cullum reprise their roles as Rusty and Big Mike, respectively, in the episode.

Hoosier Maid – Frankie is ecstatic when she wins free maid service for a month. But the Heck house turns out to be quite the frustrating challenge to clean. Meanwhile, when Mike and Rusty’s (Norm Macdonald) dad, Big Mike, starts to have trouble taking care of himself at home, the brothers begrudgingly begin to look at assisted living facilities for him; and when the Winnebago gets too cold and dangerous to inhabit since snow is coming through a hole in the roof, Axl, Hutch and Kenny attempt to move in with Sue and Lexie in their temporary college housing, on “The Middle,” TUESDAY, JANUARY 10 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.

ABC Announces Episode 8.10 December 22 2016

ABC Announces Episode 8.10

ABC has released the synopsis for the next episode of The Middle, "Escape Orson", which airs Tuesday, January 3.

Escape Orson – The Hecks find themselves spending New Year’s Day attempting to stave off a zombie apocalypse in the Orson Escape Room, desperately trying to beat the Donahue’s record of getting out with more than one minute, eight seconds to spare. Meanwhile, Brick is convinced that the mild-mannered man assigned to the family’s Escape Room group is really the famous author of the “Planet Nowhere” books; Sue divulges a secret about herself to Axl that’s she’s been keeping since childhood; and Mike is stunned when Frankie reveals that she had a romantic dream involving Frank Sinatra, on “The Middle,” TUESDAY, JANUARY 3 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.

Episode: Escape Orson. Tags: episodes, Season 8.

ABC Announces Episode 8.09 December 4 2016

ABC Announces Episode 8.09

ABC has issued the press release for this year's Christmas episode of The Middle, "A Very Marry Christmas".

A Very Marry Christmas – As Christmas approaches, Sue keeps a holiday secret from the family; after agreeing to watch the neighbor’s three kids, Brick finds himself trying to hide from them as they had such a good time that they keep wanting to come over and play; and Mike doesn’t know how to react when Bill Norwood gives him a Christmas gift for the first time ever, on “The Middle,” TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.

ABC Announces Episode 8.08 November 30 2016

ABC Announces Episode 8.08

ABC has issued the press release for the December 6 episode of The Middle, "Trip and Fall". Brooke Shields guest stars.

Trip and Fall – Trashy neighbor Rita Glossner (Brooke Shields) talks an apprehensive Frankie into taking a road trip to an unknown destination; Mike takes an embarrassing fall at the quarry and has to deal with even more embarrassment when OSHA is called in to investigate; and Sue attempts to convince Axl to end his estrangement with the family after learning their true feelings about April, on “The Middle,” TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6 (8:00–8:30 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.

Episode: Trip and Fall. Tags: episodes, Season 8.

ABC Announces Episode 8.07 November 23 2016

ABC Announces Episode 8.07

ABC has released the synopsis for the next episode of The Middle, "Look Who's Not Talking", which airs next Tuesday, November 29.

Look Who's Not Talking – Although excited about finding a new discount store that sells oddly shaped fruits and vegetables, Frankie is devastated when Axl refuses to talk to her or even answer her texts after inadvertently admitting how she feels about April in front of him. Meanwhile, Brick develops a new quirky tick in the form of a repetitive phrase and lands in detention, and Brad surprises Sue by coming out for a weekend visit at her college, on “The Middle,” TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.

The Middle: Season 7 released on DVD November 15 2016

The Middle: Season 7 released on DVD

The Middle: Season 7 is available on DVD today from Amazon.com and the Warner Archive.

The three-disc manufactured-on-demand release includes all twenty-four episodes from The Middle's seventh season.

The Middle’s seventh season sees each member of the Heck family breaking out of their comfort zones. Oldest son Axl (Charlie McDermott) begins his junior year, and the business major starts thinking seriously about his future. Daughter Sue (Eden Sher) starts her first year of college at the same campus that Axl attends – much to his disgust – with a new haircut and an even more optimistic outlook. Quirky youngest son Brick (Atticus Shaffer) begins his final year of middle school, and his equally quirky girlfriend, Cindy (Casey Burke), wants to take their romance to the next level – holding hands! Finding themselves facing an emptier nest, Frankie (Patricia Heaton) wonders if her parental duties will ease up while Mike (Neil Flynn) finds himself in a bit of a midlife crisis – shocking everyone by deciding to take some new chances. Could this finally be the year of the Hecks?

View The Middle: Season 7 DVD at Amazon.com

Tags: DVDs.

ABC Announces Episode 8.06 November 8 2016

ABC Announces Episode 8.06

ABC has released the synopsis for this year's Thanksgiving episode of The Middle, " Thanksgiving VIII ", which airs Tuesday, November 22.

Thanksgiving VIII – Frankie has come to the conclusion that April is not good enough for Axl and does everything in her power to keep her out of their annual Christmas family photo. But she finds herself vying for Axl’s attention by trying to rearrange timing for the family’s Thanksgiving dinner when she discovers that he plans to go to April’s multiple family get-togethers that day. Meanwhile, Sue goes ballistic when she discovers that Brick will now be her new co-worker at Spudsy’s, on “The Middle,” TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.

Episode: Thanksgiving VIII. Tags: episodes.
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