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8.20 - Adult Swim Aired April 18, 2017

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After discovering that he doesn't have a decent suit to wear for upcoming business interviews, Frankie is thrilled when Axl agrees to let her take him shopping to help him pick out a suit; and when Mike threatens to do away with the family summer pool if Sue and Brick don't start using it, they begin to worry that he and Frankie may take even more things away from around the house from their childhood that they don’t use anymore as they edge towards adulthood.

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Guest Stars: Casey Burke as Cindy, Jovan Armand as Troy, Alan Rachins as Mort, Reagan Rundus as Gracie, O'Neill Monahan as Lucas, Beau Hart as Riley, Rob Mainord as Recruiter 1, Liz Eldridge as Recruiter 2, Eben Ham as Recruiter 3

Written by: Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter

Directed by: Lee Shallat Chemel

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