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8.11 - Hoosier Maid Aired January 10, 2017

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Frankie is ecstatic when she wins free maid service for a month. But the Heck house turns out to be quite the frustrating challenge to clean. Meanwhile, when Mike and Rusty's dad, Big Mike, starts to have trouble taking care of himself at home, the brothers begrudgingly begin to look at assisted living facilities for him; and when the Winnebago gets too cold and dangerous to inhabit since snow is coming through a hole in the roof, Axl, Hutch and Kenny attempt to move in with Sue and Lexie in their temporary college housing.

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Guest Stars: Norm Macdonald as Rusty Heck, John Cullum as Big Mike, Daniela Bobadilla as Lexie, Alphonso McAuley as Hutch, Tommy Bechtold as Kenny, Greer Grammer as April, Jen Ray as Nancy Donahue, Aaron Hill as Dan, Ty Chen as Scott, Mary Gillis as Esther, Amir Levi as Bryan, Jennie Fahn as Agatha, Christine Garver as Colleen

Written by: Bruce Rasmussen

Directed by: Elliot Hegarty

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