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8.09 - A Very Marry Christmas Aired December 13, 2016

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As Christmas approaches, Sue keeps a holiday secret from the family; after agreeing to watch the neighbor’s three kids, Brick finds himself trying to hide from them as they had such a good time that they keep wanting to come over and play; and Mike doesn't know how to react when Bill Norwood gives him a Christmas gift for the first time ever.

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Guest Stars: Emily Rutherfurd as Diedre Peterson, Pat Finn as Bill Norwood, Greer Grammer as April, Beau Hart as Riley, Reagan Rundus as Gracie, O'Neill Monahan as Lucas, Ericka Kreutz as Sharron, Michael G. Coleman as David

Written by: Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter

Directed by: Lee Shallat Chemel

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