Chris Kattan

Chris Kattan

Chris Kattan is best known for his seven years on Saturday Night Live, during which he was responsible for many memorable characters. Kattan had previously been a member of several improv troupes, one of which was The Groundlings in Los Angeles.

Since leaving Saturday Night Live, Kattan starred opposite Dennis Hopper and Jaqueline Bisset in The Last Film Festival. Kattan's other film roles include Hollywood and Wine, Scouts and Honor, Tanner Hall and Undead or Alive.

He has provided the voice for the character Polar Penguin in the animated film Foodfight!. Kattan has also starred in The Year Without Santa Clause, Totally Awesome and Bollywood Hero.

Kattan enjoyed rave reviews for his role in the romantic comedy Adam and Steve, in which he starred opposite Parkey Posey. His other film credits include Undercover Brother, A Night at the Roxbury, Corky Romano, Monkey Bone and The House on the Haunted Hill.

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